How to download DStv content to your phone

DStv is a satellite service, but some subscribers don't know about its streaming app:

Employees' cybersecurity habits worsen

The prevalence of cybersecurity incidents and the growing concerns about any organisation's cybersecurity postu

Huawei leads the AI industry with powerful nature-based experiments

Artificial intelligence could be said to be the pinnacle of humankind's inventions. But who would have thought that this technology could be the vehic

Travel swift, travel light with Acer's sleek Swift 5ares

Acer's latest Swift 5 offers superior portability and exceptional performance in an elegant c

Great hidden features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a powerful workhorse of a smartphone that is made for business and creative professionals.Its signature feature,

Time to dust off those Office 365 licenses with Microsoft 365

Many organisations thrive on Office 365 (O365) and have competitive cloud roadmaps in place built around the O365 platform. This is sending them well

Watch DStv without a decoder during the holidays

With school holidays around the corner, the annual migration to popular beach destinations and relatives' homes is about to begin. Thanks to the

Fake Facebook profiles and pages - the tools of scammers, bullies and thieves

Facebook is one of the most popular websites in the world, but it's not without its risks.One of the more popular ways that malicious parties

Why the MSI PS42 is the best option for business

As business software needs continue to grow, so too do business' hardware requirements.Laptops need to be capable of increasingly powerful per

ZimTaxi has the best long-term deal for drivers!

Earlier, people had to walk down the city streets late at night to look for available Taxis. The wait time, the inconvenience, the security risks and

Hacker Hacks: Unknown Callers and Self-Googling

Ask most security experts and they'll tell you that their number one rule for phone calls is that unless the caller is a saved contact in your phone,

How to avoid following a tick-box approach in your DDoS defences

Following a tick-box approach in business is not always a good thing. While we can see the value in marking off checklists with regards to workplace s

SAP highlights the importance of being an 'intelligent enterprise'

Enterprise software giant SAP touted the power of their Analytics Cloud software at the 2018 SAP Analytics Science Fair in Pretoria on Tuesday.

Why you should own a Samsung 2018 QLED TV today

The Digital Experience is offering customers a range of Samsung

7 Tried and Tested Strategies to Boost eCommerce Sales

As eCommerce grows, Fast Forward's Yoray Narainpersad shares their top 7 tried and tested online marketing strategies for driving traffic, streamlinin

Fintech partnerships: the golden opportunity for traditional banks

South Africa's Fintech scene is growing rapidly, with a number of exciting local Fintech players attracting attention and venture capital investment.

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