UZ publishes list of students allocated campus accommodation

The University of Zimbabwe has released the full list of all students who were legally and procedurally allocated campus accommodation for the new sem

NetOne ventures into mobile games

Every time you dial *XYZ# to check the airtime balance on your phone, you are using a decades-old technology standard called USSD. For a very long tim

Zimbabwe police in 5-day cybercrime training

AS the anti-cybercrime fight intensifies, the Zimbabwe Republic Police has conducted a five-day train-the-trainer cybercrime first offenders' course t

Zimbabwe govt to perfect e-recruitment

Health Reporter The e-recruitment platform for prospective nurses is here to stay and Government will continue working on its improvement to ensure ef

ZB Bank to introduce WhatsApp banking

WhatsApp is evolving from just a mere chit chat messaging platform to one used for basic banking services. Before you will know it, it will be another

Vaya using 400 buses daily to ferry nurses, doctors for free

Vaya has kept its promise to ferry nurses, doctors and other public healthcare workers for free, by deploying more than 400 Vaya Shuttle buses.

ZOL hikes Wibroniks prices

Home Internet prices look to be going up from Zimbabwe's major telcos in 2019. It started with the increase of mobile operator prices last week (Voice

Strive Masiyiwa speaks about 'stealing ideas'

In 2019, with the role social media plays in our lives as people and entrepreneurs, someone stealing your idea is approximately the most insignificant

Apple Card launches in the US

Apple has launched its Apple C

Xiaomi's secret money maker

By Tim CulpanInvestors have been looking for reasons to forgive Xiaomi Corp. for its post-IPO slump.

Hackers release jailbreak for modern iPhones

For the first time in years, hackers have released a public jailbreak for modern, up-to-date iPhones that poses a big security risk,

This is a 'live or die moment' for Huawei - Founder

Huawei Technologies Co.'s founder Ren Zhengfei warned in an internal memo the company is at a "live or die moment" and advised underutilized employees

How to free up space on your Android smartphone

Android smartphones can often become slower as they get older, and a big factor affecting this slowdown is the accumulation of unnecessary files.

Africom, Sophos conduct cyber security workshop

Africom in partnership with Sophos Zimbabwe has conducted a workshop today in the capital to raise awareness on cyber threats, cyber risks, and approp

YouTube to end targeted ads on videos made for kids

To satisfy regulators, YouTube officials are finalizing plans to end "targeted" advertisements on videos kids are likely to watch, according to three

Google shuts down previously unknown location tracking service

Google has shut down a service which tracked smartphone location data and signal strength to show network providers information weak spots in their co

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