Zimbabwe telecoms industry courts Indian investors

Zimbabwe's telecommunications industry is on the verge of obtaining tangible investments from India following a platform the industry had to outline p

TelOne's new international voice tariffs

TelOne's new international voice tariffs

Internet traffic down 8.2% in Q2 but telecoms revenue up

Mobile data and internet traffic declined 8.2% in the second quarter mirroring the performance of the whole telecommunications sector due to the curre

Chinese chipmakers soar on 5G ambitions

China's ambitions for next-generation wireless networks have propelled the country's two leading printed circuit boards makers to new heights. The par

US warns allies against using Chinese 5G technology

U.S. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper warned that NATO allies utilizing 5G telecommunications networks developed by China could put military and intell

US and Poland reach 5G deal

The U.S. and Poland agreed Monday to a deal designed to secure 5G wireless networks in the European country, a move that could result in blocking Huaw

Another tariff increase looms as telcos lobby Potraz

Telecommunications experts are engaging the Postal and Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) for another tariff increase, barely 3 weeks after a 1

TelOne responds to load shedding

TelOne has launched the new data bundle package the Home Extra which is available on the self-service portal.The zwl$40 with 15GB data cap pac

TelOne's $5 voice bundle with unlimited on-net calls

TelOne has launched a new $5 voice bundle for residential clients on the prepaid platform. The $5 bundle entitles a client to free on–net (landline

Telecos should consider solar energy, says Kazembe

GOVERNMENT is engaging mobile operators to install solar units at base stations, following the recent disruptions to networks because of the ongoing p

TelOne bundle that gives UNLIMITED on-net talk time for FREE

Zimbabwe State-owned fixed telecommunications incumbent TelOne says it has introduced the recharge bundle that gives you UNLIMITED on-net talk time fo

City ups trenching fees from $10 000 to $100 000

Harare City Council has increased trenching fees for telecommunication companies and other players ranging from $10 000 to $100 000. Prior to

Zimbabwe telecoms firms in revenue decline

ZIMBABWE's telecoms sector has suffered a $37,1 million decline in revenue for the first time ever in the past four years.The latest Postal an

Telecoms firms feel the pinch as inflation hits revenues

Zimbabwe telecoms sector has for the first time ever in the past 4 years recorded a major revenue dip while they continue to suffer serious inflationa

Forex shortages stall Zimbabwe digitisation initiative

Government has blamed acute shortages of foreign currency for slowing down the digitisation initiative amid revelations that the project requires a to

Mobile phone penetration rate drops

Zimbabwe's mobile penetration rate dropped 9,8 percentage points in the first quarter of 2019 to 83,3 percent compared to the fourth quarter in 2018 a

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