Africa eyes mobile gaming boom

An army of humans laid waste to an alien colony as South African video game maker Simon Spreckley enthusiastically controlled the action using his pho

Netflix launches interactive Minecraft series

Developer Telltale Games has released the first three Netflix-adapted episodes of its interactive adventure, Minecraft: Story Mode.It has been

Nintendo Switch falling short of shipment targets

With few attractive titles for the holiday shopping season and shipments on track to fall short of the company's targets, doubts are growing whether N

PlayStation 4 Black Friday deals launched

Sony has announced a variety of PlayStati

Tencent is said to slash game marketing budget amid freeze

Tencent Holdings Ltd. is cutting the marketing budget of its gaming division as the business suffers through regulatory disruptions and a slowdown in

Microsoft upgrades its streaming platform to take on Twitch

If you're a gamer under the age of 25, chances are you spend as much time watching other people play video games online as you do playing games yourse

The most popular gaming sectors in 2018

There is no doubt that the global gaming industry is in great health at the moment and looks set to continue in the same vein. With a global revenue i

China bans Twitch

China has blocked popular video game streaming platform Twitch after the country saw a surge in the service's popularity,

Gamers aren't happy with Nintendo Switch Online

Good things come to those who wait. Except, maybe, for Nintendo Co. gamers.The company that created Super Mario and Zelda is finally embracing

'FIFA 19' demo teaser is exclusive to PS4 and Xbox One

FIFA 19 demo will be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One September 13t

Tencent to use police ID checks on gamers

Tencent Holdings Ltd. will begin using a police database to verify the ages and identities of players on its biggest mobile title, ramping up a campai

China to limit the number of new online games

China's regulators plan to limit the number of new online games and the total number of titles, as Beijing tries to mitigate the impact of gaming addi

Tencent needs help from the world's hottest game

Tencent Holdings Ltd., the world's biggest games company, needs some help from Fortnite, the world's hottest game.Just a few months ago, Tence

Tencent ordered to kill game just days after its debut

Tencent took another hit to its gaming business, after regulators told the social media giant to remove Monster Hunter: World from its PC downloads se

Nintendo cracks down on retro games downloads

EmuParadise, an 18-year-old website offering downloads of classic computer games, has voluntarily shut down following legal action by Nintendo against

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