FBC migrates to latest banking platform version in the world

FBC Bank and Building Society will be migrating from the current version of the core banking platform to a robust, efficient, state-of-the-art and lat

Paynet targets more Ecocash volumes

Paynet Zimbabwe is discussing with mobile phone network operator Econet Zimbabwe's mobile money transfer service provider Cassava Smartech, ways to us

Standard Chartered invests in digital banking technology

GLOBAL financial institution, Standard Chartered Bank has invested over $400 million in digital banking technology across its operations worldwide sin

Apple Card to roll out in August - Report

Apple plans to launch its new virtual credit card in the first half of August in partnership with Goldman Sachs,

Zimbabwe banks, Payserv dispute escalates

Zimbabwean banks have been served with a summons in a $100 million lawsuit accusing lenders of colluding to stamp out competition in the provision of

Paynet, banks impasse slows billions

AN irretrievably broken down relationship between banks and Paynet Zimbabwe, which until June this year was Zimbabwe's sole bulk payments enabler, may

Banks colluded on Paynet: Cambria Africa

LONDON-listed Paynet Zimbabwe's parent firm, Cambria Africa Plc, has accused banks of working in collusion and as a "cartel" to take a unified positio

Paynet readmits 3 banks as alternative is tested

Bulk payments service provider, Paynet Zimbabwe, may have readmitted at least three banks (names withheld) to its platform, days after indicating it w

Gweru Council engages HIT for an automated payment plan system

GWERU City Council has engaged the Harare Institute of Technology (HIT)'s automated payment plan system that enables debt collection to help recover o

Zimbabwe banks ditch Paynet, test own system

RELATIONS between banks and bulk electronic payments service provider, Paynet Zimbabwe, may have irretrievably broken amid revelations that the banks

International credit cards still valid in Zimbabwe

The Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) has assured tourists that international credit cards are still usable in Zimbabwe following the new monetary regu

Zimbabwe banks dump Paynet

ZIMBABWE banks have dumped Paynet, a subsidiary of Mauritian financial services provider Cambria, as they are developing their own new system expected

POSB going digital

Digital is the new buzz word that has led to disruptions across multiple industry segments, including banking, and the People's Own Savings Bank (POSB

POSB going paperless

People's Own Savings Bank (POSB) is removing a number of manual processes.In ad listed in The Herald, POSB announced that paperless opera

Banks, Paynet stalemate stalls transactions

BULK payments service provider, Paynet Zimbabwe, has accused banks of greed in refusing to pay fees in foreign currency for using its payments platfor

ZIPIT fully operational

ZIMBABWE'S national electronic funds switch, Zimswitch, release a public statement saying the ZimSwitch Instant Payment Interchange Technology (ZIPIT)

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