Drone technology could be panacea to poaching

STRINGENT government regulations are hindering the use of innovative technologies such as anti-poaching drones and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems (UA

Digital tax headache for small economies

Taxation of digital services like Facebook, e-Commerce, cloud services, video streaming, Twitter and Google advertising is a complex global problem.

How machine learning will change every business

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are said to be shaping the way people will live and work in the future. It's already grown rapidly over t

Tips on how to protect our modems and electrical appliances during this rainy season

The rainy season is upon us and recently a high number of modems and electrical appliances struck by lighting has been recorded. The rains cannot

Access to information, media freedom in the digital age

THE right to information and media freedom are critical components of freedom of expression. Freedom of expression, as defined by Article 19 of the Un

Pre-paid electricity meters too expensive

Editor,While the move to have residents purchase their own household electricity pre-paid meters is a noble idea, there still lingers many que

Disruptive technologies: Of driverless cars in Zimbabwe

The disruptive technology hype is abuzz with innovations such as the driverless or autonomous cars, drones, artificial intelligence etc.All th

Zimbabwe's intermediated money transfer tax

INTERMEDIATED money transfer tax is a tax collected in terms of Section 36G as read with the Thirtieth Schedule of the Income Tax Act [Chapter 23:06].

Vaya Lift not equal to Uber

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe's fintech unit Cassava has unveiled the Vaya lift services through Cassava on Demand. This is an Uber-type ride hailing servi

Are robots the future Accountants

The accounting profession has evolved over the years with manual bookkeeping being the main accounting approach until the late 90s (in Zimbabwe). The

'Cassava Smartech initiative way to go'

Lands, Agriculture, Water, Climate and Rural Resettlement Ministry says it highly upholds technological innovations that seek to develop agriculture p

Jail term for using banned light bulbs - Minister

Government has amended the law that banned the buying and selling of incandescent light bulbs to now make even use of such lights an offence. That mea

Where is Zimbabwe's cash going?

Zimbabwe is currently going through serious shortages of literally everything from bottled water to bread.Queues have become a common feature

Going Digital or another GoDigitalGate

Amongst the Twitter streets of Zimbabwe this week my eye was caught by a stunning by discourse fixated to a certain Post by a certain Twitter user wit

Reporting fiscal device faults or theft

All VAT registered operators are required by law to use fiscal devices when recording sales transactions for Value Added Tax (VAT) purposes. T

Understanding subsidies and countervailing measures

Zimbabwe is one of the one hundred and sixty four (164) World Trade Organisation (WTO) members that aspire to achieve free trade amongst themselves. H

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