Social media is a not all bad

SOCIAL media is a not all bad. It is in a sense a barometer of the times, at least insofar as the discourse around topical subjects in a society is co

How financial technology has disrupted the capital market landscape

Massive technological advances, including the increasingly widespread acceptance of the internet, are revolutionizing the capital market landscape.

VID moving in right direction

THE recent move by the ministry of Transport to launch an electronic learners' driver's licence testing process is commendable.As part of the

Does Zimbabwe have Cyber Security Experts to protect itself?

With constant headlines of electronic fraud, mobile money fraud, RTGS fraud and other means of payments that are constantly reported in the media on a

How ICTs are misused to perpetuate poverty

Contrary to the hype in which ICTs are presented as a panacea, ICT-related costs in many African countries are eroding the meagre promised benefits.

How to use hashtags on social media

Facebook just reported that they now have 2 billion active users every month and that's just under 2 thirds of the world's population on that social w

How can Blockchain support intra-African trade?

"Blockchain' - or Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) - is a technology whereby a ledger of transactions, or other form or record, is maintained elect

Mthuli Ncube must slow down on NetOne privatization

The way Mthuli Ncube is running with the quick offloading of NetOne and TelOne, one may be forgiven for thinking that he is the minister of ICT Postal

Leveraging technology to promote financial literacy

Technology continues to revolutionise the financial services landscape. From mobile payments, app based investing platforms, financial technology has

Financial inclusion can disadvantage individuals and companies

One of the most important and trustworthy indicators of an economy's vibrancy and investment proposition is its ability to generate credit. After peru

Mobile operators must be sensitive to customers

THE Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (Potraz) last week rejected proposals by mobile operators to increase telecommunication tariffs

Digital rights lessons from Zimbabwe's Internet shutdown

The dust raised by Zimbabwe's Internet shutdown has finally settled and it is now the appropriate time to see what lessons we can glean from that inci

Will NetOne get its gGroove on?

The dust seems as if its finally settling at NetOne, after so much drama unfolding and fighting both legal and political wars, sanity must prevail at

Price, tariff tragedy of regulated sectors

OVER the past year or so we have seen inflation pressures escalating in Zimbabwe. The latest figure of 59,39 percent for January has invoked fears amo

How YouTube now shapes Zimbabwe's musical landscape

A DECADE ago radio and television were the main platforms pushing music and artistes to stardom, but it is no longer the case as we witnessed a bloodl

Meet the Econet media boss

Joseph Hundah is president and CEO of Econet Media Group, the media arm of the Econet Global Group that focuses on developing media products rang

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