Blockchain can be the future of Zimbabwe insurance

Blockchain technology - typically associated with the controversial cryptocurrencies - is arguably one of the biggest innovations since the onset of t

What's next for Telecel

Telecel Zimbabwe has seen some re-alignment with board appointments happening in the past few weeks, which saw the replacement of Francis Mawindi and

The future of telecoms in Zimbabwe

With the current economic down turn, one can never be certain as to what the future holds for most businesses.The telecommunication sector has

Will ZESA tariff hike translate to more power?

The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) on Wednesday approved an electricity tariff increase of $162,16c per kilowatt hour, following a recent

Sell the laggards, buy disruptors

As Jorge Paulo Lemann, co-founder of 3G Capital would put it, "I've been living in this cozy world of old brands, big volumes, nothing changing very m

Cyber Bill welcome, must not be abused

CABINET on Tuesday approved the Cyber Security Bill, marking the first step towards its promulgation. Such a law is not unique to Zimbabwe, and has be

Telco revenue growth conceals steep rise in operational, capital costs

Mobile network operators (MNOs) might have recorded plausible growth in revenues for the second quarter of 2019, but that resilience might not last fo

Zimbabwe now a truly cashless society

THE monetary system the world over, including in Zimbabwe, over has undergone a sea of change in the past century. From barter trade, a world without

It's the currency crisis, not Ecocash!

Zimbabwe's largest mobile money transfer service operator, EcoCash is being accused of perpetuating rent-seeking and economic sabotage by exploiting c

'Super platforms' cripple African digital businesses

Digital enterprises in Africa are often heralded as the future of the continent's development, particularly when it comes to "leapfrogging" the numero

Village containerised information centres, bridging digital gap

Devolution is one of President Mnangagwa's flagship policy. This policy is centred on bringing services and development as close as to the point of ne

Abuse of mobile money platforms symptomatic of a failed currency regime

IT is a good thing that the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Corruption (Zacc) has finally taken interest in the stinking corruption that has been going on th

Sasai won't be popular in Zimbabwe, but something can be done

Econet Wireless International launched a very ambitious project called SASAI, a product that we spoke about in-depth, and I gave my analysis of the pr

EcoCash bureau de change launch to spur financial inclusion in Zimbabwe

THE recent launch of a bureau de change by Zimbabwe's leading mobile money service provider EcoCash after approval by the country's central bank i

Zera must revisit zonal fuel pricing

THE new pricing of fuel based on regional zones announced by the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (Zera) with cities and towns further from Harare

Transforming your business operations: Do you have a Digital Strategy?

Including digital topics in the boardroom was not seen as a 'must' a couple of years ago, but not anymore. The business environment continues to chang

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