Zimbabwe internet shutdown proves ZANU PF's illiterate support base

This morning I have been experiencing slow social media connectivity, and was suddenly overcome by a disturbing sense of déjà vu, as I remembered th

Is Zimbabwe ready for online casinos?

Online gambling is a worldwide phenomenon. It's already hugely popular among many Western nations, including across Europe and - increasingly - in the

Online resources to help you manage your phone interactions

It can be difficult to keep your cell phone organized. Even a landline can begin to ring too often with unfamiliar numbers. Once you begin to receive

Network issues of iPhone and troubleshooting

Are you facing some issues with your iPhone? Let us guess; something is wrong with your network? Don't worry, it's a common issue with iPhone, and we

Hats off to Zifa for online ticket sales

YESTERDAY, a refreshing change in the way ZIFA have been handling issues related to the Warriors happened when tickets for our 2019 AFCON qualifier ag

Zimbabwe not alone in fight against misinformation

Recent moves by the Facebook–owned WhatsApp messaging company to limit users to forwarding a message only five times, in an attempt to cut down on t

Learning HTML Lesson 01

An HTML file begins the tag <html> and end with the closing tag </html>.    HTML tags are keywords surrounded by an

Zimbabwe's internet clampdown: A tale of absurdities

When the current crop of leaders in government executed a clever coup that drove out Robert Mugabe in November 2017, most of us overestimated their ab

'Information as a threat to national security'

We publish the full presentation by the Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister Senator Monica Mutsvangwa at the Zimbabw

Legality of blocking the Internet simplified

TODAY, we discuss the legality of the recent shock total blockade of the Internet and subsequent limitation of service to the exclusion of social medi

The case for Zimbabwe Internet shutdown

This week's violent and destruction spree by the opposition MDC-Alliance and its civil society affiliates triggered an Internet shutdown since Tuesday

Internet shutdown anachronistic

The advent of new media brought in a wave of innovative approaches to the distribution and acquisition of knowledge. What the President Emmers

'Zimbabwe internet shutdown draconian'

Information, Communication and Technology activists have blasted government for shutting down the Internet saying the arbitrary action was ultra vires

Cyber bullying: A growing menace

It is common nowadays for those that use social media platforms to wake up and discover unusual posts on their accounts.Some of the posts migh

Building Africa's scientific talent

Ten years ago, South African physicist Neil Turok made a bold prediction: the world's next Einstein will be from Africa. A decade later, it is worth c

Good customer care lessons: Telecomms organisations

It appears I have taken a detour from my usual line of articles this time around, reason being an accolade I felt had to be given to Telecel Zimbabwe'

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