Hints on efficient use of electricity in the home

The country is currently facing a power supply deficiency, which is manifesting through load shedding.This is due to constraints on imports co

Electrical cars: Robots replacing humans

Before I left Zimbabwe to meet family and friends in Central Europe, Zimbabwean friends, convinced that Germany had plenty of work places on offer, as

Inside Paynet, banks forex war

A US$470 000 debt and the country's interbank market are at the centre of a major row between banks and Cambria Africa, the provider of the Paynet tra

Can Zimbabwe develop into knowledge economy?

This week I was engaged in an interesting debate with fellow economists, on how Zimbabwe's economy can enter the 21st century. For a country whose fut

Online shopping: why its unstoppable growth may be coming to an end

Many people probably assume that online stores are making a fortune, without all the costly bricks and mortar. But the reality is rather different.

Time for Zimbabwe to fully explore Blockchain technology

Zimbabwe is plagued with many problems ranging from socio-economic to technology. However, probably, the biggest challenge we are confronted with is t

Embrace the fourth industrial revolution to reap economic benefits

Last week, I wrote about the global tensions surrounding the 5G technology between China and the United States of America (US) and how the technology

Why Airbnb's IPO could outdo Uber and Lyft

The sharing economy is facing the ultimate test in 2019 with a raft of initial public offerings. Even after Uber's recovery, there remain serious doub

How to record a phone call on your iPhone or Android device

Recording phone calls can be important sometimes either for personal or professional use. However, it's such a daunting task at times to choose the ri

Where does Africa stand as 5G technology unfolds?

In the last few weeks, the world's attention was drawn to the economic war between the United States of America (US) and China.At the centre o

Zimbabwe should embrace tokenomics

For a long time the orthodox way of investing in listed companies has been through buying shares on stock exchanges. This involved lengthy and bureauc

Data price hike unjustified

In February this year, the Reserve Bank devalued the local RTGS dollar against the United States dollar. Since that announcement, Internet ser

Are Zimbabwean MNOs really overcharging?

It is not every day that you see an industry regulator defending the prices of products and services offered by industry players that it regulates. Bu

The role of the CIO, CEO in achieving the 4th industrial revolution

A Chief Information Officer (CIO) is a job tittle that is given to the person in an organisation that is in charge of the information technology strat

Technology saves the day at VID

The first hurdle in becoming a licensed driver is to get the provisional driver's licence.The examination involves taking a set of 25 question

Driving digital transformation in the telecom industry

Zimbabwe has the lowest data tariffs in the region but needs to ensure the industry is sustainable going forward as 5G is here.Analysts believ

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