Hackers release jailbreak for modern iPhones

For the first time in years, hackers have released a public jailbreak for modern, up-to-date iPhones that poses a big security risk,

Africom, Sophos conduct cyber security workshop

Africom in partnership with Sophos Zimbabwe has conducted a workshop today in the capital to raise awareness on cyber threats, cyber risks, and approp

Fotraz warns of cyber criminals

THE Forex Traders' Association of Zimbabwe (Fotraz) has urged its members to be alert for cyber criminals who are on the prowl using social media plat

Zimbabwe police in cybercrime training

Officers of the Zimbabwe Republic Police are undergoing a five-day intensive Train-the-Trainer Cybercrime First Responders' Course to equip themselves

CCTV camera sells out thieving cop

A POLICE officer was caught on camera while raiding Drayton Farm in Harare, a court heard yesterday.Paradzai Matubu, stationed at Bindura, all

Serious WhatsApp security flaw lets hackers change your messages

A cybersecurity firm says it has identified flaws in the popular messaging app WhatsApp that could allow hackers to manipulate messages in both public

ZACC investigators to sharpen cybercrime understanding

THE Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) investigators are set to undergo training on ICTs so they could keep up to speed with modern criminal t

All set for cyber security symposium in Nyanga

Cadton Investments under its Executive Solutions banner hosts a cybersecurity symposium in Nyanga next week in partnership with ICT consultants in Zim

Apple Card won't support jailbroken iPhones

The Apple Card User Agreement confirms that Apple Card will not support iPhone devices that are jailbroken.According to the user agreement, "i

Google discovers dangerous iMessage bugs on iPhone

Google's Project Zero security team has discovered five di

Windows Defender dominates antivirus rankings

Researchers at AV-TEST have concluded that Windows Defender is the top antivirus product on the market.

Facebook security flaw let children chat with strangers

Facebook's Messenger Kids app has allowed some children to enter into group chats with users who are not on their approved list of contacts, The Verge

YouTube reaches settlement over children's privacy

YouTube reached a settlement with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission resolving allegations that the company violated rules about collecting data on and

Google removes stalking apps from Play Store

Google has pulled seven Android apps from its Play Store after researchers at Avast

iPhone text bomb forces you to wipe your smartphone

Google's Project Zero team has discovered a text bomb targeting iPhones w

China's buildings are watching how people live

Fintech is changing the way people borrow, invest and pay for things. But there's another type of technology - most noticeably in China - that's alter

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