Google+ data bug exposes info of 52.5 million users

Google's social media platform Google+ potentially exposed the personal information of 52.5 million users.The company

'Zimbabwe lagging behind on cybercrime security'

The Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz) management met over the weekend with the parliamentary committee on inform

Econet boss urges company investments against cyber attacks

ECONET Wireless chief executive, Douglas Mboweni has urged companies to invest towards protecting their computers and networks against cyber-related a

Massive data breach at Quora

Quora CEO Adam D'Angelo has confirmed that over 100 million registered Quora users had thei

Zimbabwe launches Cyber Security Awareness Week

The government has launched the National Cyber Security Awareness Week as it works on protecting individuals and the nation in the face of increasing

Marriott hacked and 500 million guest records stolen

Marriott International said hackers have stolen about 500 million records from its Starwood Hotels reservation system, reported

NATO hosts cybersecurity wargames in Estonia

In a small Estonian town about 30 miles from the Russian border, NATO is playing out fictional scenarios where allied networks and civilian systems ar

Card cloning cases rise alarmingly

POLICE have said commercial crimes are on the increase in the country with cases involving the cloning of bank cards rising sharply. Speaking

Gmail bug allows senders to hide their identity

Software developer Tim Cotten has discovered a Gmail exploit that allows senders to hide their name and email address on emails they send, reports

United States urges allies to avoid using Huawei equipment

The U.S. government is contacting key allies to get them to persuade telecommunications companies in their countries to avoid using equipment from Chi

Zimbabwe cybersecurity expert to be honoured in Australia

The author of the successful book, the Five Anchors of Cyber Resilience, Phillimon Zongo will be honoured at the Australian edition of the Zimbabwe Ac

Amazon mistakenly leaks customer data Inc. said it mistakenly shared customer data with undisclosed parties, a privacy misstep by the world's biggest online retailer heading int

Apple and Microsoft fixing serious iCloud bug

Microsoft has confirmed that iCloud for Windows users may suf

Google's search engine is the best - Apple

Apple CEO Tim Cook told an interviewer on HBO that despite the company's distrust of Google's security stance, Apple still chooses to use Google's sea

Instagram security flaw exposed some users' passwords

An Instagram security leak left some users' passwords exposed, Engadget reports.Instagram's tool that allows users to download a copy of their

85% of ATMS can be hacked in under 15 minutes

An analysis by Positive Technologies has revealed that 85% of ATMs manufactured by NCR, Diebold, Nixdorf, and GRGBanking can be hacked in around 15 mi

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