Zimbabwe looks to tackle telecom fraud with technology

Despite an ambitious economic reform agenda, Zimbabwe's economic freedom score dropped down 3.6 points to a mere 40.4 on the Heritage Foundation's lat

Chinese programmer finds a secret way to withdraw money from ATM

A software chief of a Chinese bank reportedly found a loophole in his company's system and managed to stealthily withdraw seven million yuan ($1.03 mi

EU considers response to China-linked cyber attacks

European Union member states are considering a possible joint response to cyber attacks allegedly conducted by a Chinese state-linked hacker group aft

Beware making these common IT security blunders

IT security and privacy are becoming increasingly relevant problems as we store more of our personal information and important data online, protected

Apple releases software fix for FaceTime eavesdropping bug

iPhoneApple Inc. on Thursday released a software update for iPhones and its other devices to fix a bug that let users of its FaceTime video-chat servi

Apple cracks down on iPhone apps that secretly record your screen

Apple has told developers to request consent from users to record their screen data or remove the offending code from their applications, TechCrunch r

Google warns data privacy changes could hurt its business

Google parent Alphabet Inc. warned that its business may be damaged by changing data privacy practices, new digital advertising polices and software b

Facebook said to be target of more US probes on privacy

Facebook Inc. has become the target of at least three more state probes into the alleged mishandling of user data, expanding the number of government

US warns Europe not to let China control its networks

China seeks to take control of Western data and networks, the U.S. ambassador to the European Union said, in the latest warning from Washington to its

The best and worst antivirus software for Windows 10

A study conducted by AV-Test has compared a number of popular antivirus products to d

Big Microsoft Office vulnerability discovered

Mimecast Research Labs has uncovered a significant bug in Microsoft Office products, which has since been patched by Microsoft.In a

German politicians targeted in mass data attack

Hundreds of German politicians, including Chancellor Angela Merkel, have had personal details stolen and published online.Contacts, private ch

NASA investigating hack of employee information

Hackers downloaded Social Security numbers and other personal information from an unknown number of current and former NASA employees, the agency told

Be on the lookout for Phishing this festive season

Ensure your cash is safe from phishing this festive season.You've worked so hard this year to achieve your Next, right? Unfortunately, fraudst

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