Bulawayo man loses $42k through card cloning

A MAN from Bulawayo lost ZW$42 000 when his bank account was wiped clean in a case of suspected card cloning. Cloning refers to criminal dupli

Zimbabwe declares war on cybercrime

The threat of cyber crime to national critical infrastructure calls for tough response mechanisms to the danger that is on the rise globally, a Cabine

Hackers wipe clean $26,000 from Cabs account

A MAKOKOBA resident was on Monday defrauded of $26 612,97 by suspected cyber criminals after they allegedly hacked his bank account by sending text me

Cyber Bill seeks to safeguard citizens

Government is working on a cybercrime, cyber security and data protection Bill which is fundamental in securing trust and confidence in the cyber spac

Month-long cyber security awareness crusade begins

The Ministry of ICT, Postal and Courier Services and its shareholders is leading the national cyber security public awareness campaign across the coun

Massive security flaw found in Android smartphones

Google's Project Zero research group has highlighted a zero-day vulnerabi

Kazembe urges stakeholders to curb cyber crimes

Information Communication Technology (ICT) minister Kazembe Kazembe yesterday called on stakeholders to formulate initiatives to tackle online risks f

Potraz declares war on vandalism

The Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz) has declared war on vandals and is advocating for stiffer penalties on per

NetOne tightens security

Mobile network operators are spending millions of dollars on replacing stolen batteries and on security following a spate of vandalism at their base s

Huge wave of account hijackings targets YouTube users

A massive wave of account hijackings has affected YouTube creators and users, with a specific focus seemingly being placed on automotive content creat

Google will ask before listening to your conversations

Google workers will listen to audio snippets of people speaking to its digital voice assistant to help improve the product's quality - if users give t

Twitter stops letting people tweet via SMS

Twitter Inc. is temporarily suspending users' ability to tweet via text message, after the social media company's own chief executive officer was hack

Google agrees to $170-million fine for YouTube child privacy breaches

Google's YouTube agreed on Wednesday to pay a $170 million fine and limit ads on kids' videos to settle claims that the company violated children's pr

Facebook will stop scanning your face by default

A new Facebook privacy setting will make facial recognition in photos opt-in by default.Face Recognition replaces Tag Suggestions and is

How to block and filter calls on Android and iOS

Spam calls can be annoying, especially when you continue to receive calls from the same number despite ignoring them repeatedly.Luckily, smart

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