What to consider when buying a PC monitor

You need to consider a variety of features and specifications when you buy a new monitor for your desktop PC.Many users simply look for the mo

Lenovo keeps top spot as global PC shipments rise

Worldwide shipments of personal computers increased by 1.5% in the second quarter, fueled by businesses upgrading to the latest Windows software from

U.S. chipmakers pressed Trump on Huawei

President Donald Trump's decision to allow U.S. companies to continue selling to Huawei followed an extensive lobbying campaign by the U.S. semiconduc

Google shuts down tablet production

Google will no longer make tablet devices and will focus instead on other hardware like laptops,

Apple warning - Your MacBook Pro may pose a safety risk

Apple Inc. on Thursday recalled some MacBook Pro laptops sold between September 2015 and February 2017 due to a "battery that may overheat and pose a

Man stabs nephew 6 times in cellphone charger row

A MAN from Bulawayo has been charged with attempted murder after he allegedly stabbed his nephew six times over a cell phone charger. Benjamin

Intel warns of continued 14nm chip shortage

Intel has warned that its 14nm chip shortage is likely to continue into the third quarter of 2019, reports

The disc drive is dead

The disc drive, a technology that was born and flourished during the lifetime of many of our readers, is on its deathbed.Microsoft has launche

Qualcomm announces new AI chip

Qualcomm Inc., whose technology dominates in smartphones, said it's going to offer a new chip for use in data centers that will help accelerate artifi

Harare billing system blacked out

HARARE City Council has failed to pay for its controversial and highly-criticised BIQ billing system, prompting Quill Associates, the South African sy

Intel unveils new server chips

Intel Corp. the largest maker of computer processors, announced a new range of server chips aimed at maintaining its dominance over one of the most pr

Zimbabwe-born whiz-kid wants to send rockets to space

After coming tops in the essay category at this year's DStv Eutelsat Star Awards last month, Zimbabwe-born whiz-kid Tanaka Chonyera is ready to take t

Some useful shortcuts when using a computer keyboard

Shortcuts make it quicker to use computer programs, usually, these shortcuts make use of the Alt key and Shift in conjunction with a single letter.

Why OLED is so much better than LCD for smartphone screens

Smartphones are becoming increasingly powerful and more expensive as they grow slimmer and their displays slowly take over more of their surface area.

Qualcomm launches 5G chipset for PCs

Qualcomm has unveiled its ne

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