YouTube is making big changes to its mobile app

YouTube is testing a new layout for its comment section on its Android app which hides comments by default,

5 features WhatsApp should take from its competitors

WhatsApp continues to dominate the instant messaging space in South Africa, and is ubiquitous across most people's smartphones.However, there

Huawei's rival OS to take on Android

The future of Huawei's smartphone ecosystem is uncertain following the blacklisting of the company by the United States government.Huawei was

The 4 best WhatsApp alternatives

WhatsApp has become the dominant messaging app in Zimbabwe, and that is unlikely to change any time soon.While it is used universally across t

Massive changes coming to WhatsApp - Including adverts and cryptocurrency

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the western world, and Facebook has been constantly rolling out new features to the platform.The

Huawei asking developers to publish on its AppGallery store - report

Huawei is inviting Play Store developers to publish their apps on its AppGallery app store,

Google Maps now tracks your speed in real-time

Google Maps has added an on-screen speedometer to its navigation interface,

Huawei smartphones will no longer be sold with WhatsApp

Huawei smartphones will no longer be able to ship with WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook pre-installed, Facebook told

Zimbabwe eyes software developers

Global Renaissance Investment (GRI) in collaboration with various stakeholders in the ICT sector held a symposium today to look at ways in which Zimba

Google suffers major cloud outage

Google suffered an outage across various cloud platforms yesterday, which caused

Apple launches iPadOS with desktop-class features

Apple unveiled a new dedicated operating system for its iPad devices at WWDC 2019 named

New WhatsApp features for iPhone

WhatsApp has updated the beta version of its iOS messaging app, adding a number of improvements focused around media sharing,

WhatsApp status adverts coming next year

Facebook will begin publishing adverts on WhatsApp's status page starting next year, according to a

Apple will now tell you if an update slows down your iPhone

Apple has committed to being more upfront about the performance and battery health effects of iOS updates on its devices.The company told the

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