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Twitter stops letting people tweet via SMS

Twitter Inc. is temporarily suspending users' ability to tweet via text message, after the social media company's own chief executive officer was hack

Apple sells $7-billion of debt in first bond sale in two years

Apple Inc. borrowed $7 billion in its first bond sale in nearly two years, as cheap funding costs tempt even companies flush with cash.The tec

iPhone sales are being crushed by Samsung and Huawei

Gartner has reported that global smartphone sales declined by 1.7% in the second quarter of 2019.Key to this is the fact that there has been a

Google agrees to $170-million fine for YouTube child privacy breaches

Google's YouTube agreed on Wednesday to pay a $170 million fine and limit ads on kids' videos to settle claims that the company violated children's pr

Porsche unveils its first electric car

Porsche chose Niagara Falls, a Chinese wind farm and a solar site in Germany to unveil its first all-electric sports car, underscoring the new Taycan'

MTN Nigeria closes stores following anti-South African attacks

MTN Nigeria has shut down all of its stores and service centres in the country due to targeted anti-South African attacks on its facilities, reports R

Facebook will stop scanning your face by default

A new Facebook privacy setting will make facial recognition in photos opt-in by default.Face Recognition replaces Tag Suggestions and is

TomTom makes big self-driving car play

Once a household name for its satellite navigation for cars, TomTom NV has taken a backseat in recent years as smartphones, loaded with apps like Goog

Android 10 launched - The details

Google has begun rolling out Android 10 following months of testing.The operating system will support new technologies such as 5G and foldable

Nikon to launch D6 - The 'most advanced DSLR to date'

Nikon has unveiled its latest professional DSLR camera, the D6.Not much informa

USB 4 - 40Gbps transfer rates

The USB Implementers Forum has finalised the technical standards for USB 4.The specifications for USB 4 have be

Corporate tech businesses massively outperform consumer market

Back in the day, PCs were hip and investors chased computer stocks to sky-high valuations. Everyone was buying a desktop, and then a laptop, and the c

5G stocks are a winner in Japan

Even with an ongoing trade war between the world's two biggest economies and a weak domestic market, some Japanese investors are saying go long on nex

Zimbabwe govt urged to upgrade immigration systems

GOVERNMENT must adequately train immigration and Zimbabwe Revenue Authority officers manning the country's borders in human rights, a parliamentary po

Find it Fast with NetOne Cellular

NetOne introduces Zim411 an advertising platform that connects sellers and buyers through an SMS.Many innovations have been occurring via mobile a

Tesla batteries are keeping Zimbabwe's economy running

Zimbabweans are relying on Tesla to help them pay their bills.Amid power outages of as long as 18 hours a day, Econet Wireless, Zimbabwe's big

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