Huawei will launch new Windows laptop despite US ban - report

By Staff Writer | 13 Jun 2019 at 11:29hrs
Huawei will launch a new laptop model in July 2019 which will be running the Windows operating system, a source told the Global Times.

This information refutes a recent report that Huawei has halted development and shipping of its Windows laptop until its own operating system is completed.

The report said that Huawei communicated the suspension of its laptop development to supply chain partners.

A source told the Global Times that these reports are not true, stating that Huawei's laptop production and investment is continuing as normal, and it will not change its strategy of continuously investing in PCs.

China Merchants Securities analyst Fang Jing told the Global Times that Huwaei's new laptop would run Windows on ARM architecture, which shows that the ban has had little effect on Huawei's operations.

A number of US tech companies have cut ties with Huawei following the placement of the Chinese company on the US Entity List, including Microsoft, Google, and Western Digital.



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