Huawei stops working on Windows laptops - report

By Staff Writer | 12 Jun 2019 at 11:24hrs
Huawei has suspended the development of new Windows laptops and halted deliveries of the devices, DigiTimes reports.

Following the placement of Huawei on the US Entity List by the US government, Huawei has been unable to develop devices with Android and Windows installed.

The company does have a backup plan to circumvent these restrictions, but this solution is reportedly not ready yet and subsequently it is unable to continue developing notebooks and laptops with Windows installed.

The report said that Huawei communicated the suspension of its laptop development to supply chain partners, although this decision seems to be a temporary measure which will be revoked after Huawei has completed work on its new operating system.

According to a report by The Information, Huawei had planned to announce a new Windows laptop this week, but has postponed the launch due to the US government's trade sanctions.



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