Chasi has no clue when fuel crisis will end

By Staff reporter | 30 Sep 2019 at 22:36hrs
ENERGY minister Fortune Chasi says he has no clue when the country's fuel crisis will end, amid resurgence of winding petroleum queues in most cities and towns.

The availability of fuel has been intermittent since January due to severe foreign currency shortages.
As a result, the price of fuel has gone up more than eight times this year.

Zimbabwe consumes about 4,7 million litres of diesel and 3,8 million litres of petrol daily.

Chasi told senators this week that because of the severity of the foreign currency shortages he could not predict when the fuel crisis would end.
"I don't know when it (fuel crisis) is going to end. We have serious shortages of foreign currency in the country.

"I would able to know when foreign currency is available and this is the correct position," said the Energy minister.
Chasi was responding to MDC Midlands Senator Lilian Timveos who had asked what the government was doing to end the fuel crisis.

This comes after the Zimbabwe Regulatory Authority on Monday announced new fuel price increases, which saw petrol going up from $10,41 to $11,55, while diesel which was going for $10,89, is now $12,08.

Zimbabwe imports fuel and consumes about 70,2 million litres of diesel and 47,5 million litres of petrol per month.
The erratic fuel supplies have resulted in long queues being witnessed across the country, as authorities blame foreign currency shortages for the fuel crisis.

In January, government more than doubled the cost of petrol to $3,31 a litre and diesel to $3,11 a litre, sparking violent protests, which left over 12 people dead following an army crackdown.

The intermittent fuel supplies and the rise in the cost of the product have also been negatively impacting on the economy and putting pressure on the cost of transporting goods as well as the price of food and other services.



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