Data prices: ICT minister minister summoned to Parliament

By Staff reporter | 30 Sep 2019 at 22:33hrs
THE National Assembly has summoned Information Communication Technology, Postal and Courier Services minister Kazembe Kazembe to come to Parliament to explain the issue of Internet data price increases. This comes as mobile operators have been increasing the prices of data bundles since May this year.

The matter was raised by MDC Magwegwe MP Anele Ndebele who said the issue of data price increases was adversely affecting Zimbabweans.

"Internet data bundles are just disappearing from our phones and our houses. Unfortunately without a proper test, we cannot tell whether or not Internet service providers are stealing from the citizenry.  

"However Speaker, I have a feeling that if we invite our colleagues in the ICT Committee to interface with Internet service providers as has been done by our Zambian colleagues to perhaps reach a non-binding agreement if this House cannot be persuaded to make laws against disappearing data and expensive data, it would help," said Ndebele

He added that the poor quality of the data services, particularly the connectivity, does not merit the exorbitant price increases.

"Data is just too expensive and unaffordable and data expires.  If you buy data today, you are then forced to use it before a particular day.

"The connectivity is so poor and nobody ever cares to compensate people for data lost as a result of poor connectivity.  

"I hope Speaker, the minister of Information Communication Technology and Courier Services can also be persuaded to give us a ministerial statement on what he is doing in terms of protecting the public against abuse by Internet service providers.  

"This is the reason why the gentleman is in office," said the Magwegwe MP.

Speaker of the National Assembly Jacob Mudenda agreed that the responsible minister must deliver the ministerial statement requested by Ndebele.



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