More drones for ZETDC

By Staff reporter | 18 Sep 2019 at 14:36hrs
Power retailer, Zimbabwe Electricity Distribution Company (ZETDC), has gone to tender for the supply of drones, which will be used to curb copper cables theft and vandalism of infrastructure.

ZETDC is a subsidiary of the country's power utility, Zesa. In June, Zesa introduced drones to protect the power company's equipment as well as to assist in fault location, and detection.

In a notice published in the latest Government Gazette, the ZETDC said it was looking for suppliers of "enterprise drones and cameras for inspection of high voltage equipment".

Theft and vandalism of electricity infrastructure has become prevalent.

In 2018 alone, Zesa lost US$5 million to vandalism of infrastructure, including theft of transformer oil and copper cables.

Drones, in other jurisdictions, are being used for aerial surveillance, including for mundane tasks like delivering certain packages to remote areas as well as guarding against crime and monitoring areas to inform security personnel.



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