A comparison of Econet, NetOne daily data bundles

By Staff reporter | 18 Sep 2019 at 12:55hrs
Econet vs NetOne
Today NetOne reviewed their data tariffs, and below is the comparison between NetOne and Econet. However, this excludes Telecel as they are still using the old tariffs, and we will only know of the new pricing next week when they announce the reviews.

For both Econet and NetOne, $3 will get you 40MB, and with $10 NetOne offers 450MB while Econet offers 400MB. Both operators offer 1500MB and NetOne charges $20 while with Econet charges $24. Basically, NetOne data relatively cheap.

Below is the pricing for both Operators:



Simply put, when it comes to daily data bundles NetOne is cheaper, but overall some of their bundles are similar to those of Econet. Particularly, with the WhatsApp Bundles where subscribers, for a dollar, from both NetOne and Econet, will get 20MB and for $3, 45MB.



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