NetOne dragged to court over $124,000 debt

By Staff reporter | 18 Sep 2019 at 12:19hrs
NetOne is refusing to pay a $124,243 debt owed to Acetech Investments and to also surrender scaffolding equipment it was renting before the parties fellout, according to papers filed at the High Court on Tuesday.

Acetech Investments has taken the case up to the High Court after several attempts to get payments and its equipment back failed.

NetOne accumulated the debt from the rental of scaffolding equipment.

"On or about November 3, 2018, and at Harare, plaintiff (Acetech Investments) and defendant (NetOne) entered into a contract in terms of which NetOne took to hire plaintiffs scaffolding equipment for use at its different construction sites," reads part of the summons.

The equipment included scaffolding tubes, swivels, hook boards, band and plates among other things.

It was stated in the agreement of the parties that NetOne would be obliged to pay rent for the equipment on a monthly basis, the company says in its claim.

"The defendant has, in breach of the contract of the parties, refused, failed or neglected to pay some of the plaintiff's invoices for the rented equipment for the period April 2018 to September 2019 with the result that as at September 23, 2019, the defendant owes to plaintiff a total amount of $124,243.

Acetech says as a result of the breach, it cancelled the agreement but NetOne is still holding on to the rented equipment.

NetOne are yet to file their response.



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