Sasai remittance to launch next week

By Staff reporter | 05 Sep 2019 at 17:26hrs
From next week Zimbabweans living in the UK and South Africa will be able to send money home directly to an EcoCash Foreign Currency Account that they control - for just 2,5 percent.

This represents an almost 80 percent reduction in fees normally charged.

The service, which will be available on the Sasai App, will be free for three months up to November 15, 2019, according to Cassava Fintech, an Econet business that launched the App.

The "Zimbabwe Corridor" is the first Sasai Remittance service, but the company is planning to do the same for countries such as Nigeria, Ghana and Ethiopia by the beginning of October.

The Sasai App was launched at the beginning of August by Cassava Fintech, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Econet Group, and has so far been downloaded in 113 countries.

It already has such services as a full payment platform which is linked to all mobile money services in Africa, and plans to offer access to eCommerce platforms like Alibaba, Konga and Amazon.

Meanwhile, Cassava has said Sasai plans to release its fourth upgrade this coming weekend.