Older smartphones emit extremely high levels of radiation - Study

By Staff Writer | 24 Aug 2019 at 20:19hrs
Old smartphones
A number of older smartphones - including the iPhone 7, Moto e5 Play, and iPhone 8 - emit amounts of radiation which are up to five-times above the FCC limit, according to a study by the Chicago Tribune.

The effect of this cellular radiation on the human body is still unclear, but the FCC has imposed strict limits on the amount of radiation which devices are allowed to emit.

The FCC states that the maximum specific absorption rate (SAR) for smartphones is 1.6W/kg, a threshold which was exceeded by a number of devices in the test.

Samsung's Galaxy S9, S8, and J3 were all found to exceed the limit under certain conditions, and the worst offenders proved to be older iPhone devices using 3G and 4G connections.

The FCC viewed the findings of the study and said it would undergo its own investigation into the exceedingly high levels of radiation measured in older devices.



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