Africom, Sophos conduct cyber security workshop

By Staff reporter | 21 Aug 2019 at 17:12hrs
Africom in partnership with Sophos Zimbabwe has conducted a workshop today in the capital to raise awareness on cyber threats, cyber risks, and appropriate response options for both the public and the corporate world as they make use of the web.

In an interview with TechnoMag, on the sidelines of the workshop in Harare today, Africom Marketing Executive Kevin Nyakotyo says this initiative is set to ensure that users are empowered with knowledge and sense of shared responsibility to practice safe and informed behaviors on various online platforms.

"Generally as we are in the digital era, and we are trying to ensure that people are protected in terms of cyber security,"

"Most people do not know that they have to be protected, so this is some of the initiatives that we are doing to ensure safety whilst browsing," he added.

As the retailer for Sophos, Africom has encouraged all members active on the internet be in business or for personal use to acquire Sophos XG Firewall- a comprehensive firewall protection that blocks unknown threats and exposes hidden risks.

Sophos develops products for communication endpoint, encryption, network, email, mobile security and unified threat management. Sophos is primarily focused on providing security software.

Munashe Muguza, Sophos Channel Manager For Zimbabwe explained further the benefits of the software.

"The biggest advantage of using Sophos is, we are looking at a system that is syncronised with all the solutions having the ability to communicate with each other. From your endpoint protection, firewall, your encryption communication on one central consol,"

"The central consol then gets all the reports on behalf of the IT Administration which eliminates the need of having a manual system for you to check whats happening in your organization," he said

Sophos offers a 30-day free trial which can be downloaded on its website. Various products are also available, from the Virtual Firewall to the Endpoint Encryption.



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