Huawei is working on a competitor to Google Maps - Report

By Staff Writer | 19 Aug 2019 at 22:04hrs
Huawei is planning to launch its own navigation app which would function similarly to Google Maps, China Daily reports.

The Chinese company's mapping service will reportedly be named Map Kit, and will not be designed as a consumer application. Instead, it will enable developers to build navigation apps based on its mapping capabilities.

Huawei's Map Kit platform will include mapping data for 150 countries by partnering with various local mapping services, and the service will be available in 40 languages.

This service could potentially aid Huawei in retaining crucial consumer services if it loses access to Google Maps and other US-based applications.

Huawei recently launched its new Harmony OS platform, which it said is not a competitor to Android and would first be rolled out to IoT and smart devices.

Harmony OS could be rolled out to smartphones in a "day or two" however, making it a potential "Plan B" solution if Huawei loses access to Google services and apps.



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