Apple moves to block third-party iPhone battery replacements

By Staff Writer | 09 Aug 2019 at 09:15hrs
Apple has activated a feature on its iPhones that attempts to block third-party repair companies from replacing its smartphones' batteries, reports iFixit.

"If you replace the battery in the newest iPhones, a message indicating you need to service your battery appears in Settings > Battery, next to Battery Health," said iFixit.

This happens regardless of whether third-party repair companies install a genuine battery, or a third-party alternative.

"Unless an Apple Genius or an Apple Authorized Service Provider authenticates a battery to the phone, that phone will never show its battery health and always report a vague, ominous problem," said iFixit.

iFixit confirmed that Apple is not throttling the performance of these users' iPhones, but maintains that the move is a "user-hostile choice" that will cause confusion.

"This ‘Service' indicator is the equivalent of a ‘Check Oil' light that only a Ford dealership can reset, even if you change the oil yourself," said iFixit.



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