NetOne hikes, daily, night bundle and all data products

By Staff reporter | 07 Aug 2019 at 20:36hrs
NetOne with effect today midnight will sharply increase their data offering by 300%.

The SMS service has also seen a price review, as mobile Networks struggle to stay relevant with the RTGS billing.

Speaking to TechnoMag, NetOne PR Executive Dr Elderette Shereni said that they have reviewed all their products except the now popular Khuluma voice and Dollar A Day DAD bundle.

The Popular NetOne night bundle is now costing $3 fro $1 per night while weekly social media bundles are now $3 offering 90mb and $5 weekly bundle will offer 150mb. The new Monthly bundle will cost $25 for1gig while the Daily bundle from $5 for 1.2 g will cost $10 for 2g and $150 for 5g.

The price increases are only a shift of the current promos, which do not necessarily need Potraz to sanction as they are still within the floor price.

More in details soon...



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