TelOne's $5 voice bundle with unlimited on-net calls

By Staff reporter | 06 Aug 2019 at 17:59hrs
TelOne has launched a new $5 voice bundle for residential clients on the prepaid platform. The $5 bundle entitles a client to free on–net (landline to landline) calls for a month.

The $5 bundle has been available since 21 July 2019. Clients can purchase it from the following platforms:
system (EVD)self service portal

- TelOne shops through the Electronic Voucher Distribution system (EVD)

- TelOne self service portal

- TelOne mobile app

- TelOne distribution partners PayNow TopUp, PickNPay, MyCash, FN Software, GetCash, all commercial banks.

- Fair usage policy (FUP) will apply for clients not to abuse this benefit.



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