Samsung smartphones with AMD graphics coming in 2021

By Staff Writer | 06 Aug 2019 at 17:53hrs
Samsung has stated that its first smartphones with AMD-powered mobile graphics chips will launch in around two years, Tom's Hardware reports.

The new mobile graphics chips will be built on AMD's Radeon RDNA architecture, and the partnership will reportedly allow Samsung to design its own silicon based on this graphics technology.

Samsung added that this GPU technology may also be used in other applications.

"We think that with this partnership, we will be able to leverage the GPU competitiveness of AMD to enhance the performance of not only our mobile SOCs, but also in other applications," Samsung said.

"But considering the usual time it takes to vet out IT technology, we expect that the GPU technology will start being adopted in products that will be launched two years down the road roughly."

According to the report, AMD has implemented specific clauses in the agreement between the two companies which would prevent Samsung from creating products that compete with AMD's graphics card lineup.



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