Kazembe accused of copying Chamisa MDC's manifesto

By Staff reporter | 29 Jul 2019 at 15:31hrs
MDC MP for Kambuzuma Willias Madzimure has accused minister of Information, Communication Technology, Postal and Courier Services Kazembe Kazembe (ICT) of copying the opposition party's manifesto.

While responding to Zanu-PF MP for Mberengwa North Tafanana Zhou's question on what government was doing to ensure the use of ICT as an economic enabler in line with President Emmerson Mnangagwa's vision 2030, Kazembe said his plan "revolves around sector focused pillars and a good example is smart education, smart agriculture, smart mining, smart ICT, smart transport to mention but a few".

This did not go down well with Madzimure who felt that Kazembe had copied and pasted MDC leader Nelson Chamisa's smart government mantra that is encapsulated in his party's 2018 election manifesto.

"I want to thank the minister for copying our manifesto led by…Chamisa which is good.  My question is - minister, with the challenge that we have of electricity, do you see that project being a success in light of the electricity load-shedding that is taking place?  We do not have electricity for 15 to 18 hours a day?" asked Madzimure.

But before responding to the question Kazembe felt obligated to respond to the suggestion that he had copied his ministerial plan from the opposition.

"Firstly, let me put on record that I never copied any manifesto because I did not have sight of it.  The manifesto that I referred to was the ruling party's manifesto," he said.

Kazembe went on to respond to Madzimure's question saying his 2030 Master Plan for ICT is cross-cutting.

"If we are talking of smart Zimbabwe that we want to see in 2030, we are saying we want a smart economy, smart society and smart Government.  For us to achieve that, we will come up with pillars. We have smart education, smart health and smart grid.

"We have started work on this and in fact, we have completed the draft paper and only last week Thursday, we presented this paper to the private sector so that we work together on this road map.

"I think we should appreciate that there is not anything now that we can do that does not involve ICT.  

"If we are to attain our Vision 2030, we have to ensure that we exploit the potential that ICTs have in transforming our economy, our social life and all aspects of life to say the very list, including the government as well."



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