NetOne 1GB per dollar night bundle a life saver!

By Staff reporter | 24 Jul 2019 at 16:12hrs
NetOne night bundle has proven to be a knight in shiny armour who has saved us all from the dreadful data costs by offering so much more for so little! As a matter of fact, with the power cuts and unavailability of network thereof without it, the night bundle is the only data bundle that makes sense given that electricity comes in the evening right around the time when you can activate the night bundle, so much for my laptop Hotspot tethering.

Because of this conundrum, we have one way or the other become nocturnals as most people wake up during late hours or rather never sleep to begin with so that they can purchase and use affordable data from NetOne which still for a dollar gives you an unbelievable 1GB.

For the same dollar, you are not able to purchase any bundles on Econet, since it will now cost users $1.50 it get 20MB of data. On the other hand with Telecel you get 65MB with the same amount and yes the ordinary NetOne Bundles as well are crappy at 4mb per dollar. The verdict remains, NetOne is the best alternative in terms of data.

So for those who really need data power and have important things to do can save that energy at night, thankfully, there will also be Zesa available to actually download and browse more for a dollar, a very good reason why I won't let go of my NetOne line.. Ooops! did I say that, got sidetracked?

With the current economic difficulties, one can no longer afford the luxury to browse as the dollar value depreciates, and awaiting 10pm daily has become a routine for most subscribers as this makes great economic sense to most Zimbabweans.



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