Econet, EcoCash goes down throughout Zimbabwe

By Staff reporter | 20 Jul 2019 at 14:41hrs
Zimbabweans today woke up to a world that was not so inspired, with Econet calls till now 14:00hrs, and Ecocash transactions not going through since morning as Econet struggles with a power cut failure.

The initial cause was the much-scared downtime due to ZESA outage at their Willowvale core site, but since power restorations, it seems the problems have caused other serious technical faults within the main switching offices, TechnoMag can reveal.

In a statement, Econet stated that:

"Our engineers are busy working to resolve a network fault that started when generators at our Network Operations Centre failed to kickoff following a ZESA power outage.

"The problem has since been isolated and our technical teams are working flat out to resolve the issue.

"We sincerely regret the inconvenience this has caused to our customers."

When Econet sneezes the whole nation catches flue, this is what happens when one mobile. network controls 80% of the market share and competition fails to take advantage of the hole.

Locally, most Whatsapp groups are very quiet, with top activity coming from those on mobile broadband using NetOne and Telecel platforms and other fixed ISPs, while the Econet fixed connectivity through ZOL Zimbabwe and Liquid is working perfectly well uninterrupted.

Ecocash transactions, however, have crippled business with most people today using the platform as their number 1 option to settle payments, Unfortunately, this mode of payment has been affected as well.

Users are also not currently able to top u using their Ecocash account and we wonder if the same apology sent by Econet to down clients has been received as it seems the whole GSM system is down.



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