e-recruitment system for nursing institutions

By Staff reporter | 19 Jul 2019 at 16:20hrs
Dr Moyo
Starting this September, aspiring nurses in the country will now process their applications using the digital recruitment platform as government moves to improve accountability and eliminate corruption in the selection of candidates.

Health and Child Care Minister, Dr Obediah Moyo said the e-recruitment policy comes into effect this September at all hospitals that offer nurses training.

Cases of corruption in the recruitment of aspiring nurses reported from various health institutions across the country dominated the news in the past few years.

Last year more than a hundred prospective student nurses who had been issued with acceptance letters at one of the biggest referral hospitals in the country had their offer letters withdrawn after allegations that the recruitment was not done procedurally.

Further allegations were that their acceptance letters were issued even before the intake advert was flighted in the media.

To eliminate corrupt activities, the government will be introducing an electronic recruiting policy for aspiring nurses, starting with this year's September intake.

"There was a lot of corruption in the recruitment of nurses, people having to pay more than two thousand. We decided to stop the manual system and eliminate direct contact between applicants and those processing the applications. All nursing schools countrywide will recruit students using this platform," said Minister Moyo.

The digital recruitment policy was developed in conjunction with a local university and

"This system will ensure that our recruitment will be corruption free. The system is user-friendly and it is being used in universities when they recruit students," Minister Moyo said.

The move taken by the ministry of health is also in line with the transitional stabilisation programme as it in the provision of public services to cut loopholes for corruption.

In 2017, the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) audit report on the nurse training recruitment at one of the biggest hospitals in the capital found out that the hospital actually burns all letters after interviews.



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