Load shedding pose threats to DStv subscriptions

By Staff reporter | 18 Jul 2019 at 22:01hrs
The incessant power cuts which have seen the country going for more than 18 hours per day without electricity are posing a huge threat to local industries and service providers with MultiChoice Zimbabwe reporting that the bulk of its customers are pulling out of its DSTV service.

DSTV account holders who spoke to this publication say they will only start paying when the power situation has normalised as their monies will go down the drain.

"In this economy, we cannot be paying for services which we cannot get. It not DSTV's fault but that of the power utility (ZESA). To make matters worse, the subscriptions are in foreign currency, so I can't be throwing money down the drain," said Abel Mangwiro, a DStv subscriber based in Harare said.

Power cuts have greatly affected both the manufacturing and service industry and there seem to be no end in sight as the government remains mum on the situation.

However, MultiChoice say they hope a solution will be found soon as it has been affected.

"The current situation of power cuts in Zimbabwe is one that is beyond the control of MultiChoice Africa. Like all suppliers of goods and services, we have been affected by the ongoing power crisis and look forward to a resolution of this problem," Elizabeth Dziva, MultiChoice Zimbabwe spokesperson told 263Chat.

She said despite the setback, the DStv service continues to be available to current active subscribers.

"Many customers have taken steps to source alternative power supplies to enable them to continue enjoying viewing DStv," she said.

Meanwhile, MultiChoice said despite the current cash circumstances in Zimbabwe it remains committed to making great news, sport and entertainment accessible to Zimbabwean customers.

"The business has grown hand-in-hand with local communities for the last 24 years. The new Statutory Instrument SI 142 does not affect payments to MultiChoice Africa. DStv payments are foreign payments for a service which is being offered by a non-resident, and as such, MultiChoice Africa is exempt from this specification," said Dziva.



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