Businesses aren't ready to upgrade from Windows 7

By Staff Writer | 17 Jul 2019 at 18:25hrs
Windows 7
Research by Kollective shows that businesses are still not making the transition to Windows 10 at a rate quick enough to be ready when Microsoft retires the operating system.

About 35% of the world's computers still run Windows 7 despite the fact that Microsoft plans on ending its support for the older operating system entirely in January 2020.

"Currently, 79% of organizations don't install updates immediately, and a further 53% wait at least a month before they're able to install vital operating system updates across their entire network," Kollective said.

It added that while 96% of businesses have started to transition to Windows 10, what truly matters is making the process as pain-free and quick as possible.

While Microsoft will release a paid Extended Security Updates (ESU) product that will fix security flaws and vulnerabilities, it will cost up to $200 per device by the third and final year – making it an expensive option for businesses.



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