US may approve new Huawei licences in 2 weeks - Report

By Staff Writer | 16 Jul 2019 at 09:56hrs
A representative of an unnamed manufacturer was told by a senior US official that licenses for US companies to resume trading with Huawei could be granted within the next 2-4 weeks, Reuters reports.

The report suggests that the move would likely be down to a mixture of Chinese political pressure and lobbying by the chipmaking industry.

"Since there's no downside, companies are absolutely submitting applications, as required by the regulations," said lawyer and former Commerce Department official Kevin Wolf.

US companies are currently allowed to trade with Huawei to maintain networks and devices that already exist, but are not allowed to sell anything that would contribute towards Huawei production.

"The Entity list restrictions should be removed altogether, rather than have temporary licenses applied for US vendors," said a Huawei spokesperson.

"Huawei has been found guilty of no relevant wrongdoing and represents no cybersecurity risk to any country so the restrictions are unmerited."



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