Zesa sets the record straight on levels of load shedding

By Staff Writer | 14 Jul 2019 at 19:41hrs
The Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) says it has noted with concern gross misrepresentations by the Financial Gazette (Page 2 - 11th July 2019 edition) that ZESA Holdings is contemplating introducing a non-existent phase 4 load shedding schedule that would result in a four-day blackout to the nation.

The correct position is as follows:

- ZESA Holdings, in conjunction with stakeholders which include the Shareholder, among the others, are engaging sister utilities to clear arrears arising from prior power imports and also augment local supplies to the nation.

- It is very worrying that Tabitha Mutenga, the Features Editor from the Financial Gazette deliberately chose not to seek clarification from ZESA on the power supply situation, but went ahead to mass communicate an imagined and non-existent Level 4 load shedding schedule, thereby causing unnecessary alarm and despondency to the nation.

- The current load shedding schedule comprises two stages only, i.e. Stage 1 and Stage 2; - wherein Stage 1 denotes power rationing scenario when the power supply gap is up to a deficit of 1000MW and Stage 2 calls for rationing when the deficit is more than 1000MW.

- The power utility and its key stakeholders are currently seized with finding lasting solutions to the power
supply challenges currently facing the nation.

- ZESA also wants to dismiss the social media messages to the effect that the power utility has restricted electricity usage to 5 Watts per day. Customers should rely only on information from the official ZETDC social media sites and not forwarded messages on platforms such as WhatsApp.

ZESA apologises to its valued customers for the inconvenience being caused by extended hours of load shedding.



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