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By Staff reporter | 04 Jul 2019 at 21:58hrs
Engineers a new engineering website has been launched after almost a full year in development. The role of the website is a platform where individuals with strong interests in growing the Zimbabwe engineering sector can share, publish, interact and inform engineering issues.

Zimbabwe is a country that engaged in engineering education at an early stage of its history. With mechanical and electrical engineering being some of the courses that were studied during the formation of the University of Zimbabwe, the oldest university in the country. A long time ago, the study of engineering did not exist in Zimbabwe, but Zimbabweans erected buildings and structures such as Great Zimbabwe. Back then, they did not have any ideas to treat structures or mathematics as study subjects, but our people built them with creativity and their ability to understand nature.

In that sense, we have understood engineering for a long time and there is no documentation or literature to go back and study how this was done. Now with new technology, there is now a need to create a culture of writing and have archives where all our engineering information is stored. With industry 4.0 upon us, there is now a need to fully interact and communicate for Zimbabwe to move along with the rest of the world.

The new website was developed using word press and is compatible with mobile and computer devices. It also has a good structure of content, giving visitors a simple and quick read. There are plug-ins with a  whole host of smaller but impactful widgets, all to make the experience of the website that much better for visitors to manoeuvre.
As engineers are really excited to have a website for engineers at a time of big change and opportunity in both Zimbabwe and the engineering sector. Some of the questions that we should be sending out are as follows: How can engineering contribute to society? How can Zimbabweans contribute to global engineering? And some of these questions can be answered as one visits this website.

The mission for the website is to bring fresh voices to the global engineering debate and dive deep into the issues that matter most to Zimbabwe's startups and innovators, in these times of liquidity, cholera, water and energy crisis.

We are calling on Zimbabwean engineers to simply send us an email to informing and updating us on life-changing engineering projects they are working on, new technology or even just their profiles. This website is a platform where startup communities, investors, and engineers can connect with financiers and entrepreneurs across the region and worldwide.



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