Half of Americans don't know what smartphone they are using

By Staff Writer | 03 Jul 2019 at 09:34hrs
Around half of the smartphone users in the United States can't identify which smartphone they are using, according to a survey conducted by Decluttr.

The study asked 2,000 adult United States citizens if they could identify their smartphone model when looking at the lineup from their device's manufacturer.

"As happy as Americans are with their cell phones, only half of respondents were able to correctly identify their cell phone model by image, compared to other devices by the same manufacturer," Decluttr said.

The most recognisable device was the Samsung Galaxy S9+, with 71% of owners recognising that it was the smartphone they owned.

Only 44% of iPhone Xr and iPhone 7 owners knew which Apple smartphone they were using, making these devices the hardest to identify by their own users.

The graph below demonstrates the percentage of US smartphone owners who were able to identify their own smartphone:



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