AMD denies sharing tech with China

By Staff Writer | 02 Jul 2019 at 16:58hrs
AMD has released a statement strongly rejecting claims by the Wall Street Journal that it shared processor technology with Chinese-backed supercomputer manufacturer Sugon Information Industry.

Wall Street Journal reported that AMD developed a "complex structure" to bypass American rules, and claimed that both the US Commerce and Defense Departments raised concerns that the deal threatened US national security.

"The Wall Street Journal story contains several factual errors and omissions and does not portray an accurate picture of the joint ventures that AMD entered into with THATIC in early 2016," AMD said.

According to AMD, the article excludes important information such as the fact that AMD implemented rigorous measures to protect its IP from being misused or reverse engineered.

"Starting in 2015, AMD diligently and proactively briefed the Department of Defense, the Department of Commerce and multiple other agencies within the U.S. Government before entering into the joint ventures," the company said.

"AMD received no objections whatsoever from any agency to the formation of the joint ventures or to the transfer of technology – technology which was of lower performance than other commercially available processors."



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