Zimbabwe could be plunged into total darkness

By Staff reporter | 26 Jun 2019 at 22:20hrs
Zimbabwe runs the risk of being plunged into darkness if there are no collaborative efforts to address power shortages in the country, energy minister Fortune Chasi has said.

Speaking at, Parliament on Wednesday, Chasi appealed to legislators to encourage their constituents to settle debts owed to Zesa.

Chasi said the Government was playing its part by paying its debt to foreign power companies but the efforts were not enough.

"I want to tell you that this is a serious matter where we should collaborate otherwise the country will be plunged into total darkness," said Chasi.

MDC Alliance legislator Joana Mamombe asked how the government was planning to settle its debt with foreign power companies after the ban on the multi-currency system.

Chasi, in response, said while the government worried about settling its debts, MPs should focus on telling the people to pay monies owed to the power utility.



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