Zupco new ticketing system embraced by commuters

By Staff Writer | 20 Jun 2019 at 11:59hrs
ZIMBABWE United Passenger Company (Zupco) has urged commuters to embrace the electronic ticketing system, which will be introduced in Manicaland in three weeks as it seeks to ease transport challenges being faced by commuters.

Zupco chief executive Mr Evaristo Madangwa yesterday said the e-ticketing system was being implemented in phases and their team was in Bulawayo.

"The implementation of the e-ticketing system does not happen overnight," he said.

"It is a process. We are currently implementing it in Bulawayo and in three weeks, we will be rolling it out in Mutare. This new payment method is easier than carrying a bag of coins."

Mr Madangwa said the pre-paid system was in line with the Government's initiative to promote a cashless society, as commuters will have to deposit money in their cards using all modes of payment.

Commuters in Mutare expressed confidence in the new ticketing system, saying it will bring convenience.

Mrs Alice Matanhire, a commuter from Chikanga suburb, said the e-ticketing system would go a long way in increasing efficient service delivery to the public.

"If we can pay in advance, then it will make it convenient for us as we will not have to look for cash every day," she said.

Zupco urges commuters to embrace electronic ticketing "I can load my card once a month and not worry about running out of transport money."

Other commuters raised concern over the system, saying it would have served its maximum purpose if the buses were increased on the roads.

Mrs Ellen Musikavanhu said the system could become costly.

"Imagine you would have paid your bus fare for the whole month in advance and the bus does not show up, not only will I have to find another alternative, but I will also be left at a minus in terms of my transport costs," she said.

Mr Madangwa said Zupco will come up with reliable timetables to ensure that no passengers were inconvenienced.