Fake gas cylinders flood Zimbabwe

By Staff Writer | 20 Jun 2019 at 11:54hrs
CADAC is advising Zimbabweans of fake gas cylinders. The company is advising consumers to buy their gas from authorised dealers only.

"CADAC will not be held liable for damages caused by use of FAKE CADAC appliances as well as any products bought from unaccredited dealers"

Expert advice on gas usage
• LPG has an added odour which should be used as a security feature as you should make sure you use LP Gas in well ventilated places only

• Cylinder valves should be checked regularly and one can use liquid soap foam to test for leaks and bubbles will foam when the valve is closed to indicate leaks.

• Gas stoves and cooker tops should be serviced regularly and a cylinder should be stored at upright position to make sure the gas cylinder valve is tightly closed when not using it.

• After cooking, switch off by dos-ing the cylinder valve first. This allows all the LP gas in the hose pipe to burn and the stove should then extinguish on its own.

• On entering a room with a filled cylinder of LP gas, one should try to detect traces of the smell. The 'smell' was specifically added in order to act as a signal of its presence in the atmosphere.

• Once you detect the smell you open all the windows and check the cylinder valve and never ignite a naked flame once you detect a leak.

• Children usually play with cylinder valves by letting out LPG and pressure into the atmosphere. It is advisable to store them away from children.



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