Mandiwanzira prosecutor puts State on notice

By Staff reporter | 19 Jun 2019 at 20:05hrs
PROSECUTOR Edmore Nyazamba yesterday notified the court that he will apply for refusal of further remand if the State does not proceed to trial on the next court date.

Nyazamba stands accused of criminal abuse of office after he allegedly failed to file papers opposing former ICT minister Supa Mandiwanzira's application where he sought the High Court's review of trial proceedings.

Through his lawyer, Bekithemba Mlauzi, Nyazamba put the State on notice after prosecutor Sabastian Mutizirwa sought another postponement to August 1 saying the docket is not yet ready.
"We seek a further postponement in this matter. The docket has been sent to the prosecutor-general's office for perusal and opinion," Mutizirwa told the court.

Presiding magistrate Barbra Mateko endorsed Nyazamba's notice before remanding him to August 1.
Allegations against Nyazamba are that on March 8, he informed the court of the State's intention to oppose the application for review file by Mandiwanzira and asked for time to file his papers.

Mandiwanzira had approached the High Court seeking review after trial magistrate Elijah Makomo dismissed his application for exception in a matter where he was accused of awarding a $218 million contract to Megawatt, a South Africa-based consultancy company, on behalf of NetOne and of appointing his personal secretary to the Post and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe board.

The State alleges that subsequent to his request, the matter was deferred to March 19.

However, Nyazamba allegedly failed to lodge opposing papers and the matter was set down on the unopposed roll on March 27.

The matter was again deferred to April 3, where High Court Judge Nicholas Mathonsi acquitted Mandiwanzira on the charge of awarding the contract to Megawatt.



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