Zesa's #SwitchOffSwitches

By Staff Writer | 19 Jun 2019 at 19:58hrs
Switch Off Switches
Just like ZBC during the coup-not-coup, the ZETDC Twitter handle is getting a lot of attention recently.

Last Thursday, our hearts sank when we read ZESA's "power alert" tweet - claiming that the power situation was "particularly depressed" (I mean, aren't we all?) -  with demand for electricity outstripping supply.

The consequences?

The stage two load shedding schedule kicked in with immediate effect. What stage two really entails is anyone's guess. But we've all noticed it means more time without electricity and very little certainty about when the power cuts will be. We (the people) had a lot of questions, and ZESA tried to allay fears through its FAQ thread.

While we applaud ZESA's noble attempt at improving its comms (and its slightly ironic choice of the hashtag #SwitchOffSwitches), perhaps it's time to answer the questions people actually have. Like who will invest, and how will the economy improve, without electricity for production? And when is the load shedding going to end?



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