EcoCash warns users

By Staff Writer | 15 Jun 2019 at 10:39hrs
The EcoCash platform, like any other payment services platform is ONLY for the purposes of bona fide (legal) transactions. The business has systems and mechanisms in place to detect any illicit transactions.

All EcoCash Agents, Merchants and the general public are therefore being warned that any illicit transactions detected will be dealt with in line with the country's laws and regulations including those governing Money Laundering (ML) and Financing of Terrorism (FT) activities. Such measures include, but are not limited to reporting to regulatory authorities and law enforcement agencies, freezing of accounts and confiscation of ill-gotten wealth.

The public is encouraged to only trade or transact with licensed dealers and operators in order to safeguard their hard earned money. The public is also encouraged to report any abuses of the EcoCash platform to Call Centre 114 or 111, as well as any of our shops and contact centres across the country.



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