ZESA load shedding moves to Stage 2

By Staff reporter | 13 Jun 2019 at 19:39hrs
Load shedding
The Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company has announced that electricity load shedding has moved to Stage 2.

In a statement announcing the development, ZETDC said, "Power Alert Electricity supply situation today is particularly depressed due to rising demand(1765MW) vis-à-vis production of slightly above 1000MW. Load shedding is thus on Stage 2."

When asked to explain what Stage 2 means the company said, "Stage 1 requires the least amount of shedding and it follows therefore that Stage 2 will demand more to be shed thus you may be shed outside of your scheduled time."

ZETDC has been accused of employing favouritism in load shedding which has resulted in other areas not being subjected to the process.

However, the company said some companies are connected to critical grids hence they are not being affected.

"There is no favouritism in load shedding implementation. However critical installations are not shed, and some customers are connected to those lines and thus benefit from no shedding. The network was designed without load shedding in mind. Removing them has costs."



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