Uber shows off its first electric flying taxi - photos

By Staff Writer | 12 Jun 2019 at 11:21hrs
Uber showcased its new passenger drone vehicle at its Elevate conference in Washington DC yesterday.

The company revealed the design for its flying taxi cabin, which was built in partnership with Safran Cabin and is designed to seat up to four passengers.

Uber said the aicraft cabin was modifiable to suit the needs and configurations of various Uber Air partners.

The chassis sports something between a fixed-wing and helicopter design, combining both the vertical take-off capabilities of a helicopter with the efficiency of fixed-wing lift generation.

The ride-hailing company plans to begin testing its flying taxi service in 2020, with a public deployment planned for 2023 in the United States.

Speaking at the conference, Uber said that once the flying taxi service is launched, an Uber Air ride will be as cheap as its Uber Black service.

Photos of the mock-up design for the Uber flying taxi are posted below, without any propulsion systems attached.