VAYA an ambulance for FREE!

By Staff Writer | 09 Jun 2019 at 19:16hrs
Getting an ambulance anywhere in Zimbabwe is now as easy and as simple as a click on your mobile phone following the launch of Vaya Ambulance service today.

Vaya - a subsidiary Cassava-On-Demand Services - revealed that there were over 130 active ambulances in the country operated by the Government, mission hospitals, local authorities and private players.  

The company said it intends to register every single ambulance on the Vaya Ambulance platform. It said its digital platform would connect tracking devices to the ambulances, enabling real-time tracking on any road in the country.

The company is currently running a 'VAYA an ambulance for FREE! promotion where anyone can download the VAYA app and request an ambulance for free. The promo ends on 31 July 2019.