Zimbabwe eyes software developers

By Staff reporter | 06 Jun 2019 at 17:41hrs
Global Renaissance Investment (GRI) in collaboration with various stakeholders in the ICT sector held a symposium today to look at ways in which Zimbabwe can empower software developers and drive economic growth in the long-run.

Running under the theme ‘Smart-Tech The New Economic Evolution To Achieve The 2030 Vision‘ the event highlighted the present and future of connectivity, Artificial Intelligence, the augmentation of local smart-technicians and the enhancement of cryptocurrency.

Speaking to TechnoMag, on the sidelines of the conference, Global Renaissance Investment CEO Ngoni Dzirutwe said the thrust of the gathering was to find better effective ways to train local graduates into engineers that would develop software to other countries rather than Zimbabwe importing them.

"Zimbabwe is lagging behind in smart-tech technology development, there is a gap between academia and the needs in the industry. This symposium is trying to bridge that gap by training graduates so that they become engineers that will develop software to sell to other countries," he said.

Mr Dzirutwe added that Zimbabwe is learning from India which is one of the biggest markets in ICT.

"India by 2020 will be turning over $225 billion in terms of ICT sales, that shows there i a huge opportunity in terms of selling hardware and software outside the country,"

Zimbabwe has engaged India to gain more insight on how they have managed to grow their economy through technology.

Indian Ambassador His Excellency Rungsung Masakui said that it has taken a concerted effort from every player to make this a reality and to date, his country is one of the largest and fastest markets in the world.

"The public and private sector are both propelling digital consumption and growth, by the end of 2018, 500 million internet subscribers," he said.