Google to stop ad-blocking by Chrome users

By Staff Writer | 30 May 2019 at 17:38hrs
Google has confirmed that it will be stopping non-enterprise users from using ad-blocking plug-ins on its Chrome browser.

Google said it has listened to the feedback it has received from users after previously announcing its intentions to deprecate webRequest's ability to block requests before they're loaded.

In response to largely negative feedback, it said that it will allow enterprise users of Chrome to use ad-blocking extensions, but will continue to proceed with the changes for non-enterprise users.

"Chrome is deprecating the blocking capabilities of the webRequest API in Manifest V3, not the entire webRequest API (though blocking will still be available to enterprise deployments)," said Google.

Google told 9to5Google that this updated design of its Manifest V3 – the document that outlines the webRequest changes – is still subject to change pending work Google is doing alongside developers.



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