The dangers of banning Huawei

By Staff Writer | 27 May 2019 at 07:37hrs
Huawei has issued a media statement regarding its recent barring from the SD Association and ARM's decision to suspend business with the company.

The company said the decision for the SD Association, Wi-Fi Alliance, and other organisations to suspend its membership has no legal basis and goes against their core principles.

"Huawei has not violated the articles of association for any of these organizations, and yet a small group of them have decided to suspend collaboration without any legal basis," Huawei said.

"Their actions go against the very principles that they purport to hold, and undermine their credibility as international organizations."

The company said these decisions could result in fragmented standards, which will only serve to drive up costs and risks for everyone involved in the industry.

"We are disappointed by these decisions, but they will not have an effect on our daily operations," Huawei said. "We will continue to provide our customers with top-quality products and services."

Huawei added that it is a member of over 400 standards organisations, industry alliances, and other collaborative communities, and has contributed regularly to these groups, submitting nearly 60,000 proposals over the years.
Business as usual

Following the report that ARM told its staff to suspend business with Huawei, the company said it is business as usual.

"After the US Department of Commerce announced its decision to add Huawei to its Entity List, our production and supply chains have been complying with all applicable laws and regulations, and everything remains business as usual," Huawei said.

Huawei said ARM is reviewing and evaluating the impact of the Commerce Department's decision, and is actively communicating with the US government.

"We completely understand and support them," the company said.

"Recently, many of our partners have chosen to stick with us and weather this storm together. We are immensely grateful for this."

Huawei said it will continue working with its partners to protect the interests of consumers around the world and maintain order in the market.



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