Vaya registers 10 000 drivers

By Staff reporter | 24 May 2019 at 08:31hrs
CASSAVA Smartech Zimbabwe's Vaya division has registered more than 10 000 partner drivers across the country and its business is now giving more than 100 000 urban rides per week.  

The ride-hailing application has since evolved and is now offering other innovative services, which include linking customers in need of logistics services such as package deliveries and delivery trucks.

Cassava chief executive officer, Mr Eddie Chibi said Cassava On-Demand had begun rolling out Vaya logistics services in earnest and were confident in their prospects.

"Following our commercial launch back in October last year, we have been driving Vaya mobility business growth, starting with the launch of our hail riding services, which have done phenomenally well and are now in every city and town in the country," Mr Chibi said.  

He said the Vaya mobility services, which include Vaya premium, Vaya carpool, Vaya shuttle, Vaya ambulance and the three-wheeler Vaya hopper, which we first unveiled at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair last month were all doing well.  

Mr Chibi said the launch of Vaya logistics had placed the company on a whole new trajectory map.  

"The scope of the partnerships we can forge across the economy; in agriculture, commercial transportation, construction, tourism and so many other sectors - both with private and public players - and the extent to which we can make a difference together is truly transformational," he said.

The division is already working towards launching electric vehicles to help ease fuel problems facing the country. The vehicles will be recharged at solar powered charging stations.

The company has partnered with Distributed Power Africa (DPA) to ensure the smooth recharging of the electric cars once they are introduced into the market.