China blocks Wikipedia in every language

By Staff Writer | 16 May 2019 at 11:41hrs
A report by the Open Observatory of Network Interference (OONI) shows that China has blocked Wikipedia across all languages.

China previously blocked Wikipedia in the Chinese language - which is hosted at "" - but it has now extended this ban to all editions.

"OONI data shows that China Telecom has been blocking since at least the 10th November 2016," said the report.

"All measurements collected from 25th April 2019 onwards present the same DNS anomalies for all Wikipedia sub-domains. The few DNS anomalies that occurred in previous months were false positives, whereas the DNS anomalies from April 2019 onwards show that Wikipedia domains are blocked by means of DNS injection."

Alongside DNS injection, OONI tests showed that China Telecom is also blocking Wikipedia by using SNI filtering.

According to the report, the blocking appears to be implemented in such a way that all URLs which include the subdomain are automatically blocked – even if they do not exist.



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